Germany closing in on violent games ban?

Following the recent tragic school shootings in Winnenden, pressure seems to be mounting for a total ban on violent games in Germany, a territory already renowned for its tough stance on violent content.

A recent piece, translated by GamePolitics, in a German newspaper by the head of the National German Police Union Heini Schmitt states: It is known that in every situation in which a violent rampage has occurred, the perpetrator has had a remarked addiction to so-called killer games. The manner of the deed is astonishingly similar to virtual examples.

There is admittedly no proof that these frequent escapes into virtual killer worlds can contribute to such insane deeds, but neither can the role killer games be completely dismissed. The world would be no poorer if there were no more killer games.”

Reuters adds that last week German retail chain Galeria Kaufhof stated that it is to pull violent films and games from its store shelves.

Stephen Reichart, the head of German games development association G.A.M.E. criticised the decision, stating: I think Kaufhof’s decision is a complete overreaction – it borders on impulsive hysteria. It would be sufficient if retailers made sure their cashiers don’t sell this material to young people.”

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