‘Germany is where the UK was four years ago’

This was the nadir of a confused ELSPA policy to control and own as many industry events as possible.

But thanks to London Games Festival, the BAFTAs and a refreshed trade body that would rather focus on more important things, London is fighting back.

Indeed, it is leading the way in terms of how to approach consumer and trade events in an entirely different, modern guise. No more ‘one size fits all’.

Meanwhile, Germany is exactly where the UK was four years ago. A battle royal is set to take place between Leipzig and Cologne in August 2009.

Cologne’s new Gamescom, backed by the local trade body and considered by most as favourite to succeed, has even moved its dates to go nose-to-nose with the well-established Leipzig.
Brits will sit and wait before we decide which plane to get on. Or fly to Los Angeles instead.

Could E3 really make a comeback? We need to hear more from the ESA (another trade body) and its plan for a consumer-plus-trade event in June.

And someone there needs to start communicating with Europe after two years of shockingly poor strategy and classic US arrogance. E3 has a chance again, but never bet against the Germans.

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