Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighters’ hyper sexualised females to be toned down

Publisher Capcom and developer Beeline have said they will alter some of the imagery in their Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter.

Pocket Gamer reports that some were unhappy with the fact that all of the game’s female characters appeared to be highly sexualised, with tight fitting clothes and partially exposed breasts.

We will be revising the character art with more modest Ghostbusting appropriate attire," Capcom said. [The game is] in soft launch and many features are subject to change. We appreciate the valuable feedback and we hope to use this information to produce a game that fans worldwide will enjoy."

Last year it was revealed that a brand new Ghostbusters film starring four female leads was in the works. However, the excitement that greeted the news was tempered somewhat by the subsequent claim that a separate all-male Ghostbusters film is also in development.

Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter was revealed last month.

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