Ginx TV wants to put eSports in every home in the world

Games TV broadcaster Ginx wants to ‘dominate’ the world with its eSports coverage.

The firm has partnered with ITV and Sky to launch a 24-hour pro-gaming channel, Ginx eSports TV, and its CEO Michiel Bakker has told MCV that it wants to get this into every home in the world. With its new broadcasting partners, Ginx eSports TV reaches 37m houses.

Our ambition [for eSports] is nothing short of world domination,” Bakker said.

We want to put the channel into every home in the world, that would be a good start. We want to expand into multiple territories. We’re already in almost 40m homes, but there are still territories where we are not huge, such as North and Latin America. Those are places where we’d like to take the channel.

But first, we want to get the programming mix right.”

You can read more about Ginx’s eSports push in this week’s MCV.

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