BBC talent show to scour the country for programming talent

Girls Can Code aims to inspire new generation of coders

The BBC is launching a new talent show called Girls Can Code aimed at inspiring more girls to take up computer science, engineering and coding.

The show, part of the media organisation’s Make it Digital initiative, will scour the country to find six girls with a “hidden talent for the science and technology of computer coding”. Those chosen to take part will then be presented with a series of programming challenges.

In a statement, the BBC said Girls Can Code aims to redress science’s “shocking gender imbalance” and “shatter the myth that computer sciences, engineering and coding are only for a man’s world”.

The show will be aired on BBC Three.

“No one will be more surprised than them to discover that many of the skills they use on a daily basis in their current lines of work are exactly the kind needed for a successful career in computer science.” Read a statement.

“But any initial surprises will soon be put to one side as they all remember that this is a competition and, for one eventual winner, a whole new career is on the table.

“Girls Can Code will aim to redress science’s shocking gender imbalance. It’ll shatter the myth that computer sciences, engineering and coding are only for a man’s world and prove that girls have something new and different to offer these disciplines. What’s more, the world of science and tech needs them.”

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