In-game credits will be available for purchase on PS Store or at retail

Gran Turismo 6 fueled by microtransactions

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 3 title Gran Turismo 6 will feature in-game microtransactions, a company representative has revealed.

Microtransactions are a relative newcomer to the world of console game monetisation, and while games like FIFA 14 are raking in the cash with the scheme it’s not necessarily the most popular move with fans.

Even so, the Gran Turismo series is a natural match for microtransactions considering its progression system involves purchasing cars, tracks, upgraded parts, and aesthetic customisations with in-game credits.

While Sony has cleverly avoided actually using the term “microtransaction,” a company blog post explained that the in-game credits would be purchasable either through the PS Store or at a local retailer in denominations of 500k, one million, 2.5 million, or seven million.

It’s currently unknown if Sony plans to offer direct sales of in-game items or starter packs, and the Sony representative said only that cars and parts could be purchased with the credits.

Though the move might be considered contentious by some, the world of racing sims is no stranger to microtransactions and subscription services.

One of the most hard-core sims out there,, is a subscription service that offers additional cars and tracks for purchase, a strategy that has proven effective enough to fund $100,000 laser scans of real racetracks with an audience of just 50,000 players.

If Sony finds success with a similar approach in the more mainstream Gran Turismo it could transform what is seen by some as a nice genre into a major breadwinner.

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