Gran Turismo 6 getting GPS course maker

Ever wondered how quickly you could make it to the local Budgens if you drove a Nissan GTR?

An update to the Gran Turismo 6 web page has revealed that Polyphony will at a later date release a GPS coordinate data map that users can download to their smartphone. This will track your movement through the world and then recreate whatever route you drove in the game.

So in theory any of your journeys can be mapped out for racing.

Also on the way is a GPS Visualiser that will allow owners of cars equipped with a Controller Area Network (CAN) to capture their real-life driving data and see it replayed to them in the game.

The game is also going to be patched to add 3D support – which is especially good news as GT5 offered some of the best (and most customisable) 3D effects on PS3.

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