Gran Turismo 6 microtransactions draw criticism; Unlock the Jaguar XJ13 for £120

Sony is facing criticism over its implementation of microtransactions in Gran Turismo 6.

Their inclusion was confirmed last month but the prices were only revealed yesterday and are, according to Eurogamer, as follows:

500,000 in-game credits – 3.99/€4.99
1m in-game credits – 7.99/€9.99
2.5m in-game credits – 15.99/€19.99
7m in-game credits – 39.99/€49.99

A quick bit of number crunching from the site revealed that those who want to buy, say, the Jaguar XJ13 (which costs 20m in-game credits) could do so from the off for the sum of 119.95. The car can also be unlocked by simply playing, of course.

Sony has responded in a statement to CVG by saying that microtransactions remain entirely optional.

"It is not required," a Sony spokesperson stated. "We do not penalise players for not making transactions (they still have access to everything) and it is completely optional.

"As with previous instalments of Gran Turismo, users are able to earn in-game credits and unlock additional cars by competing in races or event challenges," they said.

"The value of both items will naturally increase as the user completes higher ranked challenges and races, including online. In GT6, users have the optional choice to purchase in-game credits in increments of $500,000 through the PS Store to unlock content faster if they prefer to do that, rather than earn them through gameplay.

"We do not require players to purchase or use purchased in-game currency to experience or progress through the complete game."

Even fan-favourite Sony exec Shuhei Yoshida has found himself facing heat on Twitter and has re-iterated Sony’s argument.

Microsoft found itself experiencing similar criticism regarding the use of microtransactions in Xbox One launch title Forza 5, although it would appear that progress in that game for those who choose not to pay is somewhat harder going than in Sony’s title.

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