Gridiron Thunder cleared by Kickstarter investigation, dev claims

Controversial Ouya title Gridiron Thunder will be released on September 30th, its developer has claimed.

Gridiron was one of two games hoping to secure Ouya’s Free The Games Fund cash that attracted suspicion after allegations of improper conduct. The other, Elementary My Dear Holmes, saw its Kickstarter campaign suspended.

The developer of Gridiron, Andrew Won, has however claimed that a full investigation” by the crowdfunding site has cleared it or any wrongdoing.

"Kickstarter conducted a full investigation and found nothing wrong with our campaign,” he told Joystiq. This is conclusive and our campaign came to a successful close last Sunday. I’ve answered the same question many times and I have nothing more to add. There is nothing left to discuss."

The news will likely be met with incredulity by many of Free the Games Fund’s critics. One developer has even pulled her game from the service following Ouya’s unwillingness to directly address concerns.

Ouya boss Julie Uhrman said earlier this week that she was surprised by all the scepticism – a statement that itself was met with consternation from many developers.

The fact that the game will be releasing just a few weeks after securing $170k+ of Ouya’s cash will raise yet more questions about its need to secure the extra funding in the first place.

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