GT5 gets browser gameplay mode

A new and interesting inclusion in Sony’s Gran Turismo 5 has been revealed that will allow gamers to play some aspects of the game remotely via a web browser.

GamePro reports that the B-Spec mode – essentially a management option where gamers don’t race per se but instead control the technical aspects of their driver’s races – can be played across the internet.

To do players must set up their PS3 as a functioning server (something the game will do automatically) and have access to a browser. Their PS3s must also be switched on.

Right now the browser game industry and the console game industry are two totally different things,” Polyphony Digital developer Kazunori Yamauchi explained. But [this mode] is the first [that] bridges the two.”

Of course, Sony is somewhat of pioneer in this department. Owners of both the PS3 and PSP are able to play a number of titles stored on their home console from anywhere with a wi-fi connection thanks to Remote Play.

But in-browser access to console titles is a new development, and a potentially very interesting one.

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