GTA publisher Take-Two on the hunt for indie projects

It may be renowned for launching the biggest game in the world, but Take-Two says it wants to team up with smaller scale indie studios.

The firm is responsible for multi-million selling behemoths such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands, BioShock, NBA 2K and a host of other major titles. This year its big games include Civilization VI and Mafia III.

But CEO Strauss Zelnick says there are real opportunities for the publisher to get involved with smaller projects.

We have strong relationships within the indie publishing community and believe there is an opportunity to deliver engaging, innovative gameplay experiences on a smaller scale than our traditional triple-A titles,” he told MCV as part of an interview you can read in our E3 issue.

Over time, we’ll have more to share regarding our potential activities in this area.”

Take-Two isn’t the only triple-A publisher involved with indie games. Activision’s Sierra label and Square Enix’s Collective project also works with smaller studios. Meanwhile, earlier this year EA released indie platformer Unravel.

Elsewhere in our chat with Zelnick, he told MCV that the company is on the look out for potential acquisitions.

Our first priority is to invest in growing our business organically; however, we are also actively looking at strategic acquisition opportunities with a disciplined approach,” he said. Acquisitions to expand our scale would definitely be attractive to us, but we would also consider acquisitions in areas to which we don’t currently have a lot of exposure.

An ideal acquisition for us provides three things: high quality IP, a creative team that is tied to that IP, and new tech. It’s rare to find all three in one place.”

You can read our full interview withStrauss Zelnick in our E3 special.

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