Guardians of the Galaxy is getting the Telltale treatment, it seems

A list of projects affected by the US voice actors strike has revealed that Telltale Games is working on a Guardians of the Galaxy title.

ComicBookMovie spotted an entry for the game, which on the aforementioned document was named ‘Guardians of the Galaxy – The Video Games aka Blue Harvest (Blue Harvest being the famous working title for Return of the Jedi).

The leak ties in with Telltale’s announcement last year that it was working on a Marvel tie-in with an expected release date of 2017. There’s also a new Guardians of the Galaxy film out next year, of course. Whether this title will tie into that, the heroes’ wider cinematic exploits or instead the comic remains to be seen.

Eurogamer adds that it has also heard the same rumour, and that an official announcement should be expected at December’s The Game Awards.

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