Hard Reset Redux faces ‘downgrade’ accusations

The developer of Hard Reset Redux has addressed concerns that the remastered first-person shooter has suffered a visual ‘downgrade’ from the original game.

Flying Wild Hog was attacked onRedditand theSteam forumsby a number of players unhappy with what they perceived as ‘lackluster’ visuals.

The new Dynamic system used in Redux is an overall improvement, as it works on ALL OBJECTS instead of ONLY STATIC ones," the studio toldPC Gamer."This is an important change in a game like Redux, as it features a ton of dynamic objects with physics. Nothing has been removed from the game, as it just currently uses a different system which highlights more objects instead of a pre-determined selection."

Flying Wild Hog added that it would examine claims that lighting and particle effects were missing, with fixes issued as and when problems are identified and solved.

Develop has the full story.

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