Hatred creator defends game’s ‘honest’ approach

The creator of controversial title Hatred has said that the only thing that differentiates his game from existing titles is the honesty of its approach.

The game hit the headlines last week for its depiction of brutal violence, leading Epic Games to request the removal of the Unreal Engine logo from its debut trailer.

We wanted to create something contrary to prevailing standards of forcing games to be more polite or nice than they really are or even should be,” creative director Jarosaw Zieliski told Polygon.

"Yes, putting things simply, we are developing a game about killing people. But what’s more important is the fact that we are honest in our approach. Our game doesn’t pretend to be anything else than what it is and we don’t add to it any fake philosophy.

"In fact, when you think deeper about it, there are many other games out there, where you can do exactly the same things that the antagonist will do in our project. The only difference is that in Hatred gameplay will focus on those things. I also do believe that we’re pretty straight forward about this on our official website.”

Having stated that Modern Warfare 2’s infamous No Russian level is one of the best moments in the whole Call of Duty series”, Zieliski added that he remains unconcerned by the controversy.

"Of course the time will pass and eventually those that like the idea will stay with us and those that don’t will forget about it,” he argued. In the end it’s not the first time in the history when the gaming world is shocked with the brutality shown in this or that game. But time flies and after the first controversy life simply goes on.

"Don’t get me wrong. I really do understand it’s not a game for everybody and there are people for whom the whole idea will be hard to understand. On the other hand it’s just a game and we don’t do anything wrong by developing it. So if that’s the case then why not do it?"

Zieliski and other devs at Destructive Creations have also been accused of having links with right-way hate groups.

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