Middleware provider's Physics, Animation Studio, Destruction, Cloth, AI and Script tools available for Microsoft console

Havok moves to support Xbox One

Havok has made its suite of development tools available for those creating games for the recently announced Xbox One.

The middleware outfit’s support for Xbox One includes a suite of its modular and cross-platform tools, including Havok’s Physics, Destruction, Cloth, AI and Script solutions.

Havok Animation Studio – formerly provided under the names Havok Animation and Havok Behavior – is also set to facilitate Xbox One development. The entire middleware line-up is available to all licensed Xbox One developers and publishers with immediate effect.

“Xbox One is an incredible platform with the power to drive gameplay innovation and to push visual fidelity further than we’ve seen before," said David Coghlan, managing director and president of Havok. "Havok is proud to offer Xbox One developers the tools to create these new experiences.

"The combination of this powerful hardware and the versatile Havok suite of tools means that gamers will be seeing titles that offer a new level of captivating gameplay experiences.”

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