HDR update hits PS4 today

The much-touted HDR technology will be rolled out to all existing PS4s today.

HDR has overnight become one of the big buzzwords of the industry, and was one of the main features with which Microsoft chose to push the Xbox One S. A lot of time was also spent bigging up HDR in Sony’s recent PS4 Pro reveal, at the end of which Sony made the surprise announcement that all current owners would also be able to tap into the hype.

Users will of course need an HDR-compatible TV, which haven’t been on the market for all that long.

HDR is just one of the new features included in the 4.00 PS4 firmware patch going live today.

Also in the offing is a redesigned UI, with a tweaked layout and some new icons. The Quick Menu has been reduced in size so it no longer occupies the whole screen, while a Folder system has at long last been introduced, allowing gamers to organise their games library.

Among the new backend functionality is also the ability to transfer data to a new PS4, should anyone be in the market for a PS4 Slim. There’s something new for Twitter users, too – uploaded video clips can now be up to 140 seconds long.

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