Heavy Rain studio launches Twitter account ahead of Sony E3 conference

French developer Quantic Dream has officially opened its Twitter account, leading to rumours ahead of Sony’s E3 briefing.

The outlet’s last high-profile appearance was at E3 two years ago, where it teased the ‘Dark Sorcerer’ concept in a 12-minute video.

The year previous, it also had an on-stage presence, showing off the ‘Kara’ tech demo.

Quantic Dream is best known for the narrative-driven mystery game Heavy Rain which came out on PS3 in 2010.

In 2013, it launched a similarly story-focused title, Beyond: Two Souls, on the platform. That game featured voice and motion-capture performances from established Hollywood actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

The firm has been quiet since, leading to rumours concerning what its next big project might be.

However, it did use its second official tweet to dispel rumours that it had taken over control of the Shenmue IP, referencing parallel rumbling earlier today around the long-dormant Sega property.

Those rumours could well turn into news at 2am tomorrow morning, when Sony’s conference kicks off.

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