Hellblade pushed back to 2017

Developer Ninja Theory has confirmed that Hellblade will now not be released until 2017.

While a 2016 release had already started to look unlikely, this is the first official confirmation of the slip.

In the video below the developer reveals that an unspecified project cancellation let to some set backs, while the opportunity to collaborate with Epic on some motion capture technology also swallowed up some time and resources.

Plus, of course, it wants to take as much time as is needed to make sure the game is up to scratch. The game is being developed independently from any publisher, giving the studio more creative control.

Hellblade was first announced back in 2014. It will tackle the subject of mental health, with Ninja Theory telling MCV last year that it thought the time had come for the games industry to try tackling more serious subject matters.

In September 2015 the studio backtracked on comments it had made which seemed to suggest that development had gone back to the drawing board.

Hellblade will be released simultaneously on PS4 and PC, whenever it eventually arrives.

Here’s the video:

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