Heroes of the Storm Founder’s Pack buys immediate access to closed beta

Entry into the closed beta for Blizzard’s in development MOBA Heroes of the Storm can now be bought.

The studio has launched what it calls the Founder’s Pack. For 29.99 players get access to the game and the use of three heroes – Jim Raynor (from StarCraft), Diablo (from, as you’ve probably guessed, Diablo) and Tyrande Whisperwind (from Warcraft).

Also included are alternate skins for each character, a Golden Cyber Wolf epic mount and 2,500 worth of in-game gold.

Blizzard has warned that the Founder’s Pack could be pulled from sale at any time should it be sold in high enough numbers so as to threaten server stability.

The closed beta kicked off last week, and anyone is free to sign up and go on the waiting list. Heroes of the Storm doesn’t yet have a release date.

There’s also a new video:

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