Hirai rules out download-only PSP2

PlayStation CEO and Chairman Kazuo Hirai says future PlayStation consoles will not be download-only.

Speaking in an interview with MCV, Hirai insists Sony’s digital-only PSPgo was a success, despite slow sales of the portable.

But the firm has no intention of adopting the download-only model for future PSP consoles.

We are doing business not just in the developed nations of the world, but also in parts of the world where network infrastructure isn’t as robust as one would hope for,” he said.

There’s always going to be requirement for a business with the size and scope of our magnitude to have a physical medium. Whether it a portable device or a home-based console.

So to say we are going to put all our eggs into a network-only basket? I think that is taking that a little too far. In general, to think everything will be downloaded in two years, three years or even ten years from now is taking it a little bit to the extreme."

There will be more from our interview with Hirai in next week’s issue of MCV magazine.

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