Hirai: ‘Were not competing with Microsoft or Nintendo’

Forget Microsoft and Nintendo – PS3’s content can take on movies, TV and the web in the battle for the wider entertainment space.

That was the message from SCE president Kaz Hirai as he spoke to MCV at this week’s PlayStation Day, at which the platform holder revealed a string of triple-A titles and online community projects.

After SCEE president David Reeves confidently emphasised that PS3 had now overtaken its main rival Xbox 360 in SCEE territories with five million sales since its launch, Hirai sat down with MCV to elaborate further on Sony’s vision for PS3.

I think that PS3, PS2 and PSP are all entertainment platforms so I feel that our competition is not Microsoft or Nintendo, but basically any form of entertainment that is competing for the consumers’ attention,” said Hirai.

So we need to make sure we offer the most compelling entertainment – not videogame entertainment but in entertainment in general. I can’t speak for their strategy but I like to think that we’ve got a very well balanced portfolio with PS3, PSP and you can’t discount the PS2.”

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