Hirshberg: Activision should be loved

Clearly not afraid of setting himself some heady expectations on day one, the new CEO of Activision publishing Eric Hirshberg has stated that one of his main objectives is to address the negative impression many online games enthusiasts have of Activision.

I only have my perceptions as a outsider to go on,” he told Kotaku. I think that Activision, based on the number of great gaming experiences they have delivered, should be a more beloved brand than you would think they are by reading the core-gaming blogosphere.

I think I will be helping to kind of find an equilibrium between that and the general tone of the public discourse.”

The exec also points out that – unlike famed non-gamer Bobby Kotick – he’s very much an avid fan, having owned nearly every system ever released.

I know you’re going to roll your eyes when I say this, but I love Call of Duty,” he added.

I think it’s the biggest visual feast in popular culture. I’m actually not great at it, but I’m pretty unbeatable on the drums on Guitar Hero. I love LittleBigPlanet, I play that with my kids. I thought it was such a creative use of social media and interaction. I love sports games. I’m a perennial Madden and NBA 2K player.”

Hirshberg replaces former publishing CEO Mike Griffith following his resignation in April.

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