Homefront sells 375k in US

New first person shooter contender Homefront sold 375k units in its first day on sale in the US, publisher THQ has confirmed.

"We are delighted with first day sales for Homefront and are already fulfilling re-orders for the game from multiple retailers," THQ boss Brian Farrell stated.

By comparison, record holder Call of Duty: Black Ops shifted 5.6m units across the UK and Europe in its first 24 hours and EA’s Medal of Honor sold 1.5m units worldwide in its first five days on sale.

Yesterday it was reported that THQ shares had lost almost a quarter of their value on the back of a relatively weak critical reception for the game.

However, some of the comparisons that have been made with titles such as Call of Duty are unhelpful, one analyst argues.

"Homefront has been unfairly compared to the Call of Duty franchise which has more resources behind it," Kaufman Brothers’ Todd Mitchell told Reuters.

"THQ’s game should be viewed like an indie movie, with lower sales expectations. It cost significantly less money than Call of Duty and management said it would break even by selling 2m copies."

He estimates sales of 1.3m units in this quarter.

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