How does the digital PSN version of Grand Theft Auto V perform?

Gamers who opted for the 49.99 digital version of Grand Theft Auto V on PSN face the prospect of a possible compromise of the game’s performance.

Rockstar yesterday warned against Xbox 360 users installing both discs included in their copies of GTA V on their consoles.

The reason, Digital Foundry speculates, is that the game grabs data from both the hard disc and the disc drive simultaneously, effectively increasing how much information is processed at any one time.

Users who have installed both discs have experienced an increased level of pop-up with the visuals, as demonstrated in the video below.

As a result of this, questions have been asked about the performance of Sony’s digital version, which won’t be able to stream data from the disc drive. Will it suffer from the same performance hit seen with the fully-installed Xbox 360 game?

Early word from gamers with the PSN version seems to suggest that it does not suffer from the performance issues, although hopefully Digital Foundry will deliver an educated assessment in the near future.

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