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We operate in a very close knit niche market which is very sociable and takes networking very seriously.

We all know a lot of people, who know someone that we know and usually someone that knows our boss… which in itself causes concern when you are looking to move companies, with regard to confidentiality.

There is always a risk when you look to move jobs but a calculated approach is always the best way:

* Contact publishing companies that you know you can trust and that have a vacancy directly – there is greater risk sending your CV out speculatively;

*Check the company’s website for their current list of vacancies. Consider if this is a company that you would like to work for: is the location right, does it have a good reputation for looking after its staff (what action historically do they take when things get tough?)? What is their policy on staff training?

* Use a reputable recruitment agency that has been recommended to you. Chat with them to understand how they work, ensuring they will not send out your details unless you give them permission. Make sure they feature you – it reduces the risk of being put forward to the wrong job.

* Speak to friends that are working in companies that you are interested in – often companies have ‘employee referral schemes’ whereby they can earn a small introductory fee for introducing you.

* Some head hunters will represent you for no fee, working with you to shape up your CV and will make contact with key clients that they have a good relationship with;

* Internet job sites have many vacancies, but are not specific to the games industry. However, agencies use these sites to search for CVs and contact you directly. This can be an effective route to a new role in some cases.

* MCV and its website has a good representation of current roles.

* For students, a phone call to identify which companies take on work placements to their recruitment manager is advisable. Most larger companies (those that employ recruiting teams for direct contact) have more established routes to market for newcomers – this doesn’t normally go through HR.

* Identify which companies are most suited to you from a product, cultural and location perspective, and regularly check their websites for the latest vacancies.

* Build relationships for the future with key people in the recruitment industry either at agencies or within companies.

You can get started applying for your career in games publishing on the MCV Jobs Board.

Current standout jobs include roles at 505 Games, Blizzard and Warner Bros.

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