How would you describe the average British gamer?

Gamers? Ha! A bunch of overweight, spotty boys cooped up in their rooms because they’re too socially awkward to step outside, right? Wrong. So very, very wrong.

CVG has word of a new survey from gaming social network Pixwoo that finds that the average British gamer is as follows:

  • They’re 35 years old
  • They earn 23,000 a year
  • They’re married
  • They play games for around two and half hours a day, five days a week
  • They’ll typically stay up until 10:58pm playing
  • And get this – they’re just as likely to be female as they are male
  • They’re more likely to own a Wii than an Xbox 360 or PS3

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The stereotypical gamer of old hasn’t been a reality since the mid ‘90s. The truth is that gaming IS mainstream.

There were other findings, too. The average gamer typically owns two consoles and 18 games. A third of them play local multiplayer and a quarter of them play online. 44 per cent intend to buy either a PS4, Xbox One or gaming PC in the next 12 months.

And they argue with their partner about gaming about twice a week with more than one in 20 naming games as a constant source of dispute. 15 per cent of gamers have seen relationships end due to their love of gaming.

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