Hudson shuts down US offices

Hudson Entertainment is shutting its doors this month.

The closure of the US offices of Japanese developer Hudson Soft was confirmed by the firm’s brand manager Morgan Haro on his personal blog. Haro emphasised that Hudson Soft will still operate out of its offices in Tokyo.

It was revealed today that all of Hudson’s previously planned projects have been cancelled and that our office will be closing it’s doors at the end of February,” he wrote. There apparently won’t be any need for the talents within the San Mateo offices of Hudson Entertainment."

Haro added that Hudson had become a symbol of why Japan has fallen behind when it comes to bringing worldwide hits to gamers”, and that bringing Japanese-developed games to the US is an incredibly tough proposition.”

The Hudson Group was recently acquired by Konami, and its Japanese studio is expected to focus on social games, according to Haro’s post.

Hudson Entertainment was responsible for handling the US release of Hudson Soft’s games. Best known for its Bomberman games, the company’s most recent release was innovative Wii platformer A Shadow’s Tale.

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