The Humble Store becomes permanent digital distribution service after years on the back-end

Humble Bundle launches charitable storefront

The makers of the Humble Bundle have added a new permantent storefront to their regularly scheduled offering of pay-what-you-want packages of indie games.

The Humble Store has been around for some time as the back-end customer support platform for the site, and also allows developers to host sales on their own website, but there’s always been the understanding that it would one day be something more.

Back in 2012 Develop bumped into Humble Bundle founder Jeff Rosen at the Indie/Press mixer at GDC San Francisco and asked what he was planning for the Humble Store.

“I’ll tell you when we figure it out,” he replied.

It can only be assumed that the Humble organizers have made their decision, as The Humble Store is now on its second day of sales introducing a wide array of titles for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Not all of the games are from indie developers either: the big-name MMORPG Guild Wars 2 is on sale now for $29.99. The store is offering similar discounts for most of its games, with new games being introduced through a 24 hour sale and front-page promotion.

As always, the organizers are putting games to work for charity, donating ten percent of all sales to the American Red Cross, Child’s Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, World Land Trust, and charity:water.

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