In-game ads: The facts

Research results: overall

* 82 per cent of consumers feel the games are just as enjoyable with ads, and two-thirds feel the ads are not intrusive

* The majority of strong opinioned consumers, both positive and negative, are positive about ads in games; over 70 per cent feel better about the advertised product, are more favorable toward the company or product, are more interested in the product or services, feel the brand is innovative and cutting edge

* Three-quarters of volunteered commentary about in-game advertising in general is neutral or positive

Brand perspective

* There is an average 44 per cent lift in post-game aided recall from pre-awareness

* There is an average 61 per cent increase in excellent and very good opinions around advertised products

* There is an overall 33 per cent increase in positive brand attribute association across all brands

* From an advertising perspective, 48 per cent of consumers feel the ads fit extremely or very well inside the games, and 44 per cent feel the categories fit

gamers’ perspective

* Over 80 per cent of consumers had a positive game play experience

* 47 per cent of consumers felt the ads fit extremely or very well

* There is an average 35 per cent post-game play increase in excellent or very good opinion of games

* On average, the post-gameplay increase was 40 per cent for positive game attribute associations

In-game effectiveness

* When assessing the impact of two-plus second ad exposures versus over one second ad exposures, there is an average 27 per cent increase in key advertising effectiveness metrics; with increases for ad noticeability (100 per cent), ad recall (42 per cent) and ad fit (27 per cent)

Games within the overall media industry

* 41 million plus homes have at least one installed video game console

* 53 per cent plus of adults over 18 own a console, 87 per cent plus of teenagers

* Video games are the third most popular leisure activity for adults surveyed over 18

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