Mega Man creator says the nation â??can be the epicentre of game developmentâ??

Inafune hails Canadaâ??s world-beating potential

Capcom development boss Keiji Inafune believes Canada could become the most important game development nation in the world.

The outspoken development veteran and creator of Mega Man said Canada is “getting very important now", citing “tax relief and government policies” as reasons for its conspicuous growth.

“Compared to Americans, Canadians are a bit more serious, if you like,” he said in an interview with NowGamer.

“Also, compared to big cities such as Los Angeles, it’s also a little bit cheaper. So they’ve got potential to be at the epicentre of videogame development."

Inafune is overseeing the Dead Rising 2 project, under development at Canadian studio Blue Castle Games.

He perhaps more famously known for breaking open the debate on Japanese game development in the modern era, by making the extraordinary claim that the Japanese dev scene “is dead”.

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