Revenue split set at below 10%, with devs able to take home 100% if they choose to

Indie community Game Jolt launches dedicated marketplace

Indie community website Game Jolt has launched its very own retail platform.

The digital store is said to be built with devs in mind, and allows creators to choose the amount of revenue share that goes to Game Jolt. This can be as low as nothing, with a cap at 10 per cent. The company will also handles taxes, such as VAT.

Alongside the marketplace, Game Jolt has also introduced a wallet system, which will let developers store earnings and purchase games from their peers without paying additional processing fees.

As well as games, devs can also use the Game Jolt store to sell add-on content such as levels, art packs and soundtracks, at either a fixed price or through a pay-what-you-want model. Consumers who choose to pay more than the asking price will be listed as supporters on the game’s page.

A dedicated client is available, with the game API supporting high scores, achievements, game session tracking, user verification and cloud storage.

Game Jolt founder CROS posted a blog reassuring users that the expansion to commercial titles wouldn’t limit Game Jolt’s offering of freeware releases.

“Focusing on ‘community’ has worked out well for Game Jolt; many have said they love the site for this aspect,” he wrote. “However, it’s still not fully what I set out to build.

“Game Jolt should help grow indie gaming, motivate more individuals to jump into the world of game dev, and get more gamers to play indie games. But it all falls short if developers can’t support themselves doing the thing they love."

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