Pay-what-you-want sale gets permanent marketplace

IndieGameStand opens new storefront

IndieGameStand has launched a marketplace on its website, offering a quick 1-2 day turn around on submissions with a variety of options set by the developer.

Co-founded by Dan Liebner and Indie Game Magazine editor and owner Mike Gnade, IndieGameStand began as a pay-what-you-want service that offers a new game every four days.

The big selling point for the new marketplace is that it’s offering a better split than most options with 75 percent of sales going to the developer.

The solution is highly flexible, allowing devs to set their own DRM options, accommodating alpha and beta keys for early access titles, Steam or Desura keys, and it can also work to help promote Steam Greenlight or crowdfunding campaigns through links.

Gnade and Liebner told Gamasutra that the 75/25 revenue split is an evolution of the flexibly-priced flash deals, which split the money three ways between developers, IndieGameStand, and a charity of the dev’s own choosing – a 70/20/10 proposition respectively.

"Since these marketplace sales don’t include the charity option, we just split that part down the middle,"said Liebner.

Most other sites that let customers set their own price offer bundled games, but IndieGameStand’s pay what you want option focuses on one game at a time, with the idea being to better promote and accommodate individual titles and developers.

So far the service’s best seller was Muse Game’s Guns of Icarus Online, which sold over 7,000 copies in three days.

Gnade and Liebner say that IndieGameStand’s store is trying to promote smaller games that get overlooked on services like Steam Greenlight, though its worth noting that they offer a few games that already have a decent following.

The submission process is simple, and Gnade claimed in an “ask me anything” session on Reddit that it takes “literally 5 minutes to list your game in our store.”

Those who’d like to give the new service a go will need to create an account, then click here to begin the submission process.

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