Industry is failing females

Two thirds of women with access to the internet play casual games, according to a new survey – however, despite the financial potential this emerging sector remains largely untapped.

While 70 per cent of women who are aged between 16 and 45 and live in households connected to the internet have played some form of free online game in the last year, the survey revealed that only 18 per cent paid to play, demonstrating the yet to be exploited financial potential of online casual gaming.

The report, put together by GameVision and Arknford, suggests that there will be a 24 per cent growth in online play amongst women in the next six months… a massive expansion of activity.

The potential for growth in this area is also substantial and this is more related to a widening of the market than a growth amongst those already committed to the paid-for online sector. Whether this growth can be translated into cash will depend on the ability to deliver content that new women gamers are prepared to pay for.”

59 per cent of all women who go online between the ages of 16 and 45 play free internet flash games at least once every month and it is the younger women who are the ones most likely to be found playing away online.

The rise in online casual gaming has been made possible with Broadband penetration rates reaching over 66 per cent in the UK. The surge has seen the number of female gamers almost double in three years.

* The survey was taken from interviews with 1,700 women in UK, France and Germany.

Contact Sean Dromgoole at GameVision 0208 400 6248 for more information.

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