How important is the games market to Sony DADC?

Darren Houghton, general manager: Absolutely critical. Whilst we’re here to support the whole entertainment industry, we see games as a potential for growth.

At the moment about 65 per cent of our UK business is film, around 25 per cent is music and ten per cent is games. What we’d like to do is significantly grow our games market share because there are customers out there looking for the product, each with specific requirements.

You’ve partnered with Mastertronic, what do they bring to Sony DADC?

DH: Mastertronic has specialist games knowledge, marketing and an experienced sales team. Linking that with Sony DADC’s distribution services has created a unique and competitive market offering.

Rather than one business trying to do everything, we take two very specialist businesses and focus on the strengths of both of those.

Why should customers and clients choose Sony DADC?

Rob Gross, head of business development for games: We’re the only option in the UK to offer both manufacturing and distribution.

DH: The games industry is ready to have an alternative solution. We’ve got a proven track record in exceeding our clients’ expectations and we need to replicate this within games.

Are you equipped to deal with the changes the games industry is going through with digital?

DH: We’ve got a wealth of experience in film and music and the games market is going down a very similar route. However, while digital is critical we still see there being a real long-term future for physical.

What we need to do is offer the physical solution but also digital solutions as well.

What’s the next step to establish Sony DADC as a leading distie?

DH: Getting clients on the marketplace to look for an alternative solution. We’ve got something pretty special that can deliver superb levels of service. We need to give the people out there the reason to try something different.

RG: Rattling the cages is good. It raises the bar. It’s about bringing people here, showing them the inner workings of Sony DADC so they consider us going forwards.

DH: Our mission is to be the No.1 choice for the whole entertainment industry. When you ask supermarkets and stores who is the industry’s best, we want them to say Sony DADC.

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