INTERVIEW: We’ve learnt from Sega Rally mistakes

Sega has told MCV that disappointing sales of last year’s Sega Rally have taught the company a lesson – and that they are now ‘really getting going’ on PS3 and 360.

Despite a good critical response and winning a BAFTA last year, the title didn’t hang around the sales charts very long.

Sega UK managing director Alan Pritchard told MCV that releasing the title in October last year meant it ran into a brick wall at retail that was FIFA and Halo 3”.

He added:

Sega Rally reviewed well and won a BAFTA but didn’t resonate with customers.

But now we’re really starting to get going on 360 and PS3. Vikings and Condemned 2 have done well, Iron Man is performing in line with expectations.

There is much more to come on those formats, when arguably we had under-performed a little as a next-gen publisher until now.”

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