Croteam sneaks unstoppable enemy into illicit copies of Serious Sam 3

Invincible mutant scorpion plagues pirated game

Croatian indie studio Croteam has executed an imaginative plan to infuriate those who illegally download and play Serious Sam 3.

One pirated version of the new PC shooter, which appears to have been deliberately leaked to various torrent sites, features a mutant scorpion that have proven to be invincible.

As shown in the video below, published on DSOGaming, the gun-wielding daemon-arachnid-hybrid appears to be immortal, and thus prevents players from progressing.

Croteam has not publicly commented on the anti-piracy measure.

Game breaking anti-piracy bugs are fairly uncommon in videogames, though the history of them dates back to the early ‘90s.

In 1991, The Amiga game Mega Lo Mania voiced-over the word “pirate” in copied versions, while in 2001 Bohemia Interactive produced anti-piracy technology that gradually faded the visuals on Operation Flashpoint.

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