iPhone 7 and PS4 Neo reveals to take place on same day

September 7th looks like a day to keep clear if you’re one to follow tech announcements.

Apple has sent out invitations for a San Francisco event on that date, at which it will almost certainly reveal the next iteration of its revolutionary iPhone series, and possibly a new Apple Watch.

September 7th is also the day set by Sony for its big PlayStation briefing, at which we expect another pair of announcements – specs and possible launch details for PS4 Neo, and the overdue official unveiling of the PS4 Slim.

Although we know a fair bit about Neo, the main question now is whether the specs align with previous leaks, or if Sony’s machine is going to be better placed to trade blows in the spec battle with Microsoft’s Xbox One. The PS4 Slim is a known quantity, of course, seeing as it’s already bizarrely been available in very limited numbers to buy in the UK.

There are plenty of rumours circulating about iPhone 7 as well, the most recent of which is the claim that Apple has quite late in the day scrapped plans for a high-end handset that would have formed part of its new product announcement.

Apple’s main concern will be halting what seems to have become a reversal of fortunes of sorts for the iPhone brand.

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