Is Google trying out patents?

TITLE: ‘Method and system for enhancing video games and video game systems’

DESCRIPTION: A system making use of video games and data communications external to video games is used to provide advertisements, prizes and other benefits to gamers. The prizes relate to either of real world products and services as well as content for use within the video game environment. During a video game session an advertisement is provided to the gamer. When the gamer interacts with the advertisement the video game software acts to facilitate a transaction between the gamer and the advertiser.”

TITLE: ‘Method and system for delivering advertising content to video games based on game events and gamer activity’

DESCRIPTION: A method for conditional enabling of advertising spots within an advertising enabled game includes receiving data from an advertising enabled game. In particular, the data relates to each of a plurality of actions in isolation performed by a particular gamer while playing the advertising enabled game. Based on the data, a characteristic relevant to advertising is determined for the particular gamer. In dependence upon the determined characteristic content for being displayed to the gamer is selected.”

TITLE: ‘Post-deployment spot creation’

DESCRIPTION: A thin client is for detecting a video game in execution. The video game does not support dynamic in game advertising. The thin client changes the video game content of the video game during execution thereof in order to provide in game advertising within the first video game in execution.”

TITLE: ‘System and method for managing advertising content delivery in a gaming environment supporting aggregated demographics serving and reporting’

DESCRIPTION: A method of in-game advertising wherein in-game advertising spots are registered from different video games having similar demographic characteristics. The in-game advertising spots are then grouped together into an aggregated community of advertising spots. An advertising campaign then delivers advertising content to the group of advertising spots as if the group were a single advertising spot."

TITLE: ‘Online video game advertising system and method supporting multiplayer ads’

DESCRIPTION: In a video game session supporting a set of gamers participating in the game from a variety of different locations, an opportunity to provide an advertisement is presented. The content of the advertisement is chosen based upon specific criteria such as data relating to one of the gamers, for example, the location of the gamer. The chosen content of the advertisement is provided within an advertising spot of the video game.”

TITLE: ‘Video game feedback system and method’

DESCRIPTION: In order to track the behaviour of a gamer with a virtual environment of a video game, the virtual environment is provided with a set of predetermined objectives. The completion of the pre-determined objectives is monitored and recorded. This information is then provided to a game developer. In addition, comparing the record of the pre-determined objectives with current game assets associated with the gamer serves to inhibit authorised duplication of game assets.”

TITLE: ‘Using information from user-video game interactions to target advertisements, such as advertisements to be served in video games for example’

DESCRIPTION: Information about a person’s interests and gaming behaviour may be determined by monitoring their online gaming activities (and perhaps making inferences from such activities). Such information may be used to improve ad targeting. For example, such information may used to target ads to be rendered in a video game being played by the person.”

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