Is latest Metal Gear teaser a 360 hint?

Konami has launched an

ambiguous teaser site

concerning its plans for the highly popular and lucrative Metal Gear Solid series – and many are seeing it as the strongest hint yet that PS3 hit Metal Gear Solid 4 could be on the way to Xbox 360.

At present the new site simply displays a green logo, with a power symbol reminiscent of the power button on the front of Microsoft’s machine, along with the tag line A Next Metal Gear Is…”.

Talk of a 360 version of MGS4 has been rife ever since the game was first announced, but really picked up pace following the news of Square Enix’s decision to bring Final Fantasy XIII to Microsoft’s machine.

In the months that followed we saw Sony insist that it would be impossible to port the game to 360 owing to the storage limitations of DVD, though Microsoft in turn said a port would be very doable. Konami itself has admitted that it is looking into bringing the game to 360, too.

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