Jacksons Halo game scrapped

Acclaimed director Peter Jackson has revealed that the secretive Halo game project he was once working on has been cancelled.

Little was ever known of Jackson’s collaboration with Microsoft and now it appears that the collapse of the Halo film project has dampened any hopes of the anticipated games collaboration.

”That Halo project is no longer happening,” Jackson told Joystiq. It sort of collapsed when the movie didn’t end up happening.”

However, Jackson’s gaming debut may still be in the works, with the director stating that his latest film project – District 9 – could well be getting the video game treatment.

”District 9 was definitely born out of the Halo film ruins, and we wouldn’t have seen this movie if Halo had gone ahead,” he added. I have always felt that if fate is taking you somewhere, don’t fight it. We definitely felt like District 9 would have been a great video game property.”

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