Consider voice acting from the design stage, advises RuneScape studio Jagex and audio outfit OM

Jagex and OM on adapting to VO

MMO developer Jagex and audio, scripting and talent specialist OM have worked together to deliver Develop readers an insight into the sometimes daunting task of voicing a large-scale game project such as Runescape.

The co-written article, published today on Develop as part of our ongoing Audio Special series, looks at the lessons learned and techniques developed when OM and Jagex worked in union to give voices to the huge cast in Runescape.

"To incorporate voice acting, the development process had to be amended, scripts needed to be signed off earlier and narrative written for text could be verbose or didn’t flow when acted," the pair wrote of their experience of adapting Jagex’s process to add character voices to Runescape.

"We [Jagex] now approach projects with the expectation that they will be voiced from the design stage. We are also bringing content developers into the recording sessions, which really helps with how they approach projects moving forward."

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