'Bank Bidders' won't know what they're bidding for until they've won

Jagex auctions off loot from banned players

Banned Runescape players are to have their indignity heightened by watching their in game loot snapped up by other players.

Rock Paper Shotgun reports that the game is to auction off the in-game items associated with characters owned by banned players in ‘Storage Wars’ style blind auctions. Called ‘Bank Bidders’ Bidders won’t actually know what they’re getting their hands on until they’ve won.

“We’re only going to tell you a little bit about these accounts,” lead designer Dave Osborne said. “We’re going to tell you maybe the age of the accounts, what they liked to do, maybe their skill levels, and then we start getting you – we’re still talking about it, maybe there’s a raffle system, maybe it’s a bidding system, but ultimately one of you will win that account and whatever is in it.”

There’s even talk of livestreaming auctions for certain, high-risk accounts.

Seems like a pretty cool way to exert a bit of in-game justice.

Story originally published on MCV.

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