Runescape developer reveals plans for new titles for audiences around the world

Jagex eyes global expansion

In an interview with the BBC, the newly installed CEO of Runescape developer Jagex has confirmed the firm plans to introduce new games in 2008.

Former PayPal boss Geoff Iddison joined the Cambridge, UK firm last month, with plans to expand the business further.

Jagex launched Runescape in 2001, and the long-running online game mixes adventuring, combat and chat via a simple browser-based interface. The game has a number of younger players and has big audiences in the UK and other European countries where localised versions are available. It has a total player base of nine million, which has year on year growth of 35 per cent – although only a fraction pay a subscription. The rest take advantage of the free to play version.

Now, however, Iddison plans to help the firm introduce ‘a couple’ of new titles next year – although details are under wraps, they will be built on the same Java and browser tech as Runescape.

"These are interesting times for Jagex," said Iddison, calling the company’s success – it employs 400 people, making it one of Europe’s biggest game studios – "a well kept secret" in the industry.

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