Jagex joins up with Improbable to use SpatialOS

Cambridge based Jagex have announced that they are teaming up with SpatialOS developer Improbable to use the technology for future projects.

SpatialOS’s virtual world building and cloud processing has been in the news a lot lately with the annoucement of over $500 million of investment funding for developer Improbable. Jagex, primarly an MMO developer, are looking at the technology to see how it can help with their own virtual world creation.

Jagex’s RuneScape still commands over 250 million players worldwide and the studio have recently been experiementing with new technology, including an Amazon Alexa skill audio adventure.

“As a studio, we have online gaming at heart," said Jagex COO and acting CEO Phil Mansell. "We’ve always looked for technology that can help to deliver the best possible experience for our players. We’re looking forward to working with Improbable and discovering the advancements the SpatialOS platform can bring to multiplayer gaming.”

“Jagex has already made RuneScape an iconic brand in online gaming, and it’s great to be partnering with them to bring new levels of depth and scale to Jagex’s future creation," said Improbable CEO Herman Narula. "From catching the first fish on Tutorial Island in 2001 to hunting for loot in the Wilderness, RuneScape and the world of Gielinor have given millions of players great stories to tell. We’re excited to see what such an experienced team with this established and well-loved IP will be able to do with our platform, which enables greater player density, larger and more detailed worlds and new forms of emergent gameplay.”

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