Senior management offering opportunities to former RTW and Cohort staff

Jagex recruiting team touches down in Dundee

Today Jagex’s senior management team is in residence in Dundee hoping to offer employment to some of those who recently lost their jobs as a result of the Realtime Worlds and Cohort collapses.

CEO Mark Gerhard, COO Rob Smith, head of HR Laura Weir, and recruitment manager Francesco Genovese are all in Dundee today, and are welcoming guests from RTW and Cohort to the function room at The Braes Bar on Perth Road from 10am to 5pm, who can learn about the opportunities on offer with Jagex’s various Game Studios.

Tomorrow, Jagex will host the meet and greet at the same venue for the same times, when Jagex’s talent aquisition specialist Peter Lovell will also be in attendance, along with an art director, a producer and a concept artist.

Jagex will also host a drinks reception this evening.

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