Runescape developer reveals ambitious release plan for its casual offer

Jagex to make a game a week for FunOrb casual portal

While Runescape developer Jagex has confirmed work on a new MMO – which might be targeting new audiences – another of its projects, the recently-launched casual games portal FunOrb, is already catering to a wider demographic, and is building huge momentum.

According to CEO Geoff Iddison, the service will soon start offering one brand new, internally-made game every week.

Explained Iddison: “What we thought was missing in the casual games space was deep, compelling casual game that go to the higher age demographic; challenging games for those older games that don’t have time to play an MMOG, and get a better experience than they can currently get from causal games in the market.”

FunOrb, launched in March, had over 250,000 unique users in its first week, which Iddison offered as proof that the firm’s infrastructure can be a platform for quick new successes.

He said: “We’ve proved in two months that the business model works. The trick now is to get that content up on FunOrb as the market is competitive and there are millions of casual games out there.”

Iddison said that he wants to accelerate the release schedule on FunOrb beyond its current biweekly content plan.

Said Iddison: “We’ve beefed up the development teams to get more and more games up on FunOrb,”

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