Hard times continue, says CEO Mark Gerhard, but UK does not deserve to be painted in a bad light

Jagex: UK industry offers ‘fantastic opportunities’

Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard has stated that the UK games industry is still one that offers plenty of opportunities for individuals and studios based in– or considering a move to – the country.

In a Develop interview published online today, Gerhard was asked if claims the UK industry was struggling were reasonable.

"I don’t think it’s drastically over-exaggerated, and sadly we have seen firsthand from visiting many studios that have unfortunately gone under just how severe some of the issues facing our industry are," said the Jagex CEO.

"But it certainly isn’t all doom and gloom either and there are still a lot of very exciting opportunities out there."

Gerhard went on to say that he can find it ‘frustrating’ that the UK industry is continually painted in a poor light when studios like Jagex remain stable, expanding, profitable and working on new games and technology.

Gerhard concluded: "One just has to hope that the headlines aren’t taken too literally and that people are still aware of the fantastic opportunities available in the UK."

Click here to read the full interview, in which Jagex details its ongoing recruitment drive.

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