JAPAN: Killzone 2 debuts in third

Guerrilla’s PS3-only first person shooter Killzone 2 has enjoyed a strong debut in the Japanese charts, with only the combined forces of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Monster Hunter G keeping it from the top spot.

The Wii debut of Capcom’s Monster Hunter G unsurprisingly shot straight to the top of the listings with sales of 132,000, and Nintendo’s latest Pokemon romp captured second spot, according to VG247.

But sales of 41,000 and a third place debut for Sony’s shooter are impressive, particularly considering the traditional lack of love for FPS titles in Sony’s home territory.

Coinciding with Killzone’s Japanese success is the news, reported by PS3Center, that the game recently welcomed its one millionth player online. With total global sales hovering around the 1.5m mark, it seems that the online uptake of the title is very high.

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