JAPAN: Shadow of the Colossus to be re-issued?

Hailed as one of the best titles ever made by hardcore gamers but shunned at retail by the masses, Team Ico’s genuinely wonderful Shadow of the Colossus could be returning to retail thanks to a brand new print run.

CVG reckons that reports from Japan suggest the game will be released as a PS2 Classic on February 4th. Sadly, there’s no indication that the game is getting a God of War Collection-style makeover.

Reprinting of older titles is fairly rare but by no means unheard of. Konami revealed in August that it has reissued the likes of Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3 and both Zone of the Enders titles at UK retail.

There’s no word yet on whether Shadow of the Colossus is to return to the UK, though the chances are very much against it.

Team Ico’s next game, PS3 exclusive The Last Guardian, is due out next year.

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