JAPAN: Xbox 360 tops satisfaction poll

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has topped a consumer satisfaction poll in Japan, outperforming both Nintendo and Sony’s console offerings.

The survey, released by ASCII Media Works, asked both console owners and potential buyers to rate all the consoles in six categories; Value for money, variety of compelling software, graphical strength, hardware design, hardware weight and size, and popularity amongst acquaintances.

Understandably for a 4kg system (with a mammoth 1kg power adapter, no less) the Xbox 360 performed poorly in certain categories. Yet Microsoft’s box managed to pull off an unlikely triumph against its Japanese-native competitors, scoring a total satisfaction rating” of 78.3 per cent.

The survey also showed that Xbox 360 owners were the most frequent game players, using their consoles an average 28.8 hours each week.

Perhaps even more bizarrely, both the PS3 and Wii were tied at 70.6 per cent each, with the Wii amassing average scores and the PS3 enjoying a ratings spike through its superior graphics.

Sony and Nintendo’s handhelds, bolstered by their immense popularity in the region, scored above both platform holder’s home systems. The PSP enjoyed a score of 73.2 per cent, while the DS (72 per cent) picked up ratings through a strong response to its variety of compelling software.

The survey added that 90 per cent of Xbox 360s dwell in bedrooms, while around 70 per cent of Wii consoles sit in the living area.

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